WDWShutterbug Andy’s Photo Update of the Magic Kingdom 9/27/12

Our very own Shutterbug Andy took these great photo’s of the Princess Fairytale Hall, Seven Dwarfs Mine train, Prince Eric’s Village Market and more!

wdwf-1 wdwf-2 wdwf-3 wdwf-4 wdwf-5wdwf-6 wdwf-7 wdwf-8 wdwf-9 wdwf-10wdwf-11 wdwf-12 wdwf-13 wdwf-14 wdwf-15wdwf-16 wdwf-17 wdwf-18 wdwf-19 wdwf-20wdwf-21 wdwf-22 wdwf-23 wdwf-24 wdwf-25wdwf-26 wdwf-27 wdwf-28 wdwf-29


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An avid Walt Disney World fan, Thomas manages the popular WDW related blog: WDWFacts.com.


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